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7 Reasons Why Pest Control is Important for Businesses

Pest control for businesses

Pest control is often a forgotten aspect in a business until the property is hit with a pest infestation. In most cases, the pests may have already posed significant damages or health threats. Hence, regardless of the business sectors, it is essential for business owners to adopt a professional commercial pest control. Besides ensuring smooth operations on your daily business activities, the presence of an effective pest management programme helps protect your business against financial loss while improving productivity of your employees.

Examples of common pests found in businesses include rodents, termites, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and ants. While some of these pests do not transmit pest-borne diseases, they can cause sizeable damage to your business and property. Therefore, it is important for business owners to prioritise pest control as part of the overall maintenance efforts.

In this article, Bingo Pest shares more on why it is mandatory to establish an ongoing pest control plan for your business.

Pest control protects health and safety of employees and customers

Protecting Health and Safety

Common pests such as rodents, cockroaches, ants and flies carry diseases including Salmonella that can be harmful to humans. These pests are notorious and responsible for causing food contamination that may lead to food poisoning. Besides food, they can also contaminate surfaces. Presence of these pests can lead to serious repercussions, especially for food-handling, hospitality and pharmaceutical sectors.

On the other hand, pests such as termites can cause structural damages and put the safety of your employees and customers at risk. In serious cases, a termite infestation can lead to short circuit and place the beams and ceilings of the property at risk of collapsing.

When these pests infest a business, it has a negative impact on the well-being of the employees and customers, and can lead to unnecessary health and safety risks. The physical and mental health of employees can impact their productivity and ability to perform their job. Hence, providing a safe and healthy workplace can reduce absenteeism and promote employee retention

In addition, customers are more likely to return to a business that prioritises their health and safety. Providing a clean, sanitised and safe environment can build customer’s trust and loyalty, leading to an increase in business and revenue.

Overall, partnering with a pest control company and putting in pest prevention efforts help reduce and minimise the risk of exposure to these harmful pests in your business.

Maintaining Reputation

Negative publicity in the form of news coverage or reviews can harm a business reputation and brand image. While it takes heaps of effort to build a brand reputation, one negative review or publicity is all it takes to tarnish it.

Thanks to the widely used social media sites, it is incredibly easy for a potential customer to find out if a business has issues with pest control. It can be difficult to salvage the brand image once news about a pest infestation spreads. Food-handling businesses including cafes, restaurants and central kitchens, as well as businesses in the hospitality industries are highly vulnerable to such negative publicity. Therefore, businesses should consider adopting a pest control programme from a reputable company to gain the trust of customers.

Having an ongoing pest management plan means that the business is less likely to suffer a pest infestation and the repercussions that follow.

Comply with regulations with a pest control contract

Complying With Regulations

Pest control is mandatory in some industries such as businesses associated with food. It is required by the authority in Singapore for these businesses to provide and maintain a certain standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

Generally, some businesses may require pest control more than the others. That is why it is obligatory for them to have audits and obtain legal documentations of their pest prevention and control efforts.

For example, the Singapore Food Association (SFA), requires all food-handling businesses including food stalls, food retailers and food manufacturers to possess a pest control contract covering at least rodents, cockroaches and flies. It is compulsory for the pest control service to be conducted at least once a month.

Additionally, in an effort to prevent gastroenteritis outbreak in certain good establishments, healthcare facilities and schools, the National Environmental Agency (NEA), has introduced the Environmental Sanitisation Regime, which requires business owners to take accountability of the cleanliness and sanitation of the business premises. Businesses are required to arrange for a pest control service every 6 months, coupled with a comprehensive pest inspection plan.

In conclusion, partnering with an experienced pest control company not only helps you protect your commercial property and business against a pest infestation, they also help you save time and effort in managing operation requirements enforced by the relevant authorities.

Avoid Fines, Business Closure and Penalties

Did you know? According to the NEA, premises found with mosquito breeding may be fined up to SGD $5,000? In addition, food-handling operators whose premises are found with pests may also be fined up to SGD $2,000 along with six demerit points. In more serious cases, the business operations are expected to halt indefinitely or until investigations complete. Businesses are also expected to resolve any existing and potential pest issues during the period of closure.

A pest management programme can help businesses identify any early signs of pest infestations and take proactive steps to get rid of them. The pest control specialist helps safeguard your expenses by ensuring revenue generation through smooth business operations.

Protecting the Property

Besides health risks, pests including termites and rodents can cause damages to the structure of the building, electrical wirings, equipment and furniture. Early detection of pest activities can prevent further pest damage, hence minimising financial loss, business disruptions and the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Preventing a Potential Pest Infestation

The entry and existence of pests in your business poses a negative impact that can potentially paralyse business activities. Generally, It is more cost effective to prevent a pest infestation than to deal with one. Besides, getting rid of pests in the early stage of an infestation also requires less time and effort.

Engaging in pest prevention and treatment helps monitor pest activities in your business. It further aids in removing the pests before the issue worsens, hence protecting your business from unnecessary financial and operational interruptions.

Professional pest control

Handled by a Pest Control Professional

Pest control can be a time-consuming and challenging task. It offers business owners a peace of mind when pest control and prevention activities are handled by a certified pest control expert in Singapore. It allows business owners to focus on other tasks and revenue-driven activities without worries. Furthermore, you can be assured that treatment methods and solutions used are safe to be applied and approved by the relevant authorities.

Additionally, a professional pest control company can customise a pest management plan that is tailored to your specific business needs. This approach can be more effective in controlling pests and preventing future infestations in your business. Overall, engaging a pest control service can be a worthwhile investment that ensures your business remains pest-free.

Best Commercial Pest Control in Singapore

Regular pest inspections and treatments by a reliable and experienced pest control professional can help and prevent pest infestations in any business setting. At Bingo Pest, we are trained and qualified to handle pest issues in any industry.

Besides offering pest control services, our skilled specialists are equipped with the knowledge to provide recommendations and advice based on situations to pest-proof your property and achieve zero-tolerance against pests. Call us at 6517 9989 today to discuss your pest control requirements and understand how Bingo Pest can help get rid of pests and prevent a potential pest infestation from happening in your business.


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