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Rodent Control

Rodent Control in Singapore

Unlike what we see in movies and cartoon programmes, there is nothing fun in finding rodents on your property. Rats and mouse belong to the rodent pest family. Besides damages to your property, rats and mice bring about health risks as they carry harmful bacteria that lead to the spread of diseases such as Salmonellosis, Rat Bite Fever and hantavirus.

Rodents in Singapore are a common concern in homes and businesses including shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, hotels and supermarkets. A rat infestation may result in food contamination and can result in serious consequences that negatively impact the brand image and reputation of businesses. Rats and mice reproduce rapidly and the presence of a sole rodent may soon multiply and turn into a potential infestation. This is why it is essential to establish a rodent control programme to contain and resolve a rat infestation on your property.

Bingo Pest is an expert in rodent removal and rodent prevention services. We pride ourselves as one of the best rat exterminator in Singapore, offering effective and lasting control of rodents to eradicate and prevent them from returning. Our professional rat control specialist will perform a complete inspection of your property to identify entry points and locate any potential nest within your property. Call us at 6517 9989 to begin your rat control and rodent prevention programme today.

Rat Control and Prevention Plan

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Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Besides being a vector for pathogens and harmful diseases, rats can reproduce quickly and substantially. A single rodent may turn into an infestation shortly. Knowing your enemy is half the battle won. Learning to spot telltale signs of rats may prevent a potential infestation from happening:

  • Black or dark-brown droppings on the floor and shelves

  • Gnaw marks on food packaging, door frame or wood

  • Smear marks on trunking, pipes, narrow spaces and walls

  • Damaged wirings with chew marks

  • Food prints and tail marks in dusty areas

  • Scratching and squeaking sounds that may come from the roof

  • Rat nests made of materials including fabric, shredded paper and tissue


A customised rat control and exterminaplan will be carefully designed for you by an experienced pest specialist at Bingo Pest. Connect with us today at 6517 9989.

Rodent Control Solutions

Typically, rodents can enter a property outdoor. Hence, a comprehensive rat extermination treatment that targets both indoors and outdoors is necessary to get rid of rats and mice infestation. Rat control and mice control may work differently as these rodents have different habits. Therefore, a rodent elimination and extermination programme may include a variety of rodent treatment methods depending on the type of infestation. Here are some common rodent infestation solutions that are widely used in Singapore:


To treat a rodent issue outdoor, a variety of baits are placed in a tamper-resistance box. These baits mimic the food scent including that of peanut butter. The tamper-resistance boxes are then strategically positioned along the perimeter of your premise.

Food-Safe Baits

In food-sensitive environments including kitchens and food preparation areas, food-grade baits will be used in place of the usual bait in a tamper-resistance box to adhere to your stringent requirements. It enhances the health and safety of your business while ensuring effective rodent control.

Glue Boards

Rodent glue boards are highly effective in eliminating rodents indoors and outdoors. These glue boards are placed on strategic areas with rodent activities upon inspection by our skilled pest specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodent Control

Remove Rats in Your Property

Find out how you can customise a rodent control programme according to your needs and requirements. Enquire on a rat removal solution today.

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