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Disinfection service to get rid of germs

Disinfection Services

Sanitisation and Disinfection Service in Singapore

Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, rodents and fleas are the top 5 vector pests in Singapore. These pests transmit a variety of pathogens and diseases including the notorious Salmonella and E. coli, which are responsible for food poisoning and gastroenteritis. Besides the need to protect your property against these pests, it is essential to get rid of the harmful pathogens they bring and transmit.

Furthermore, the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe further proves the need to protect your family members, employees and customers against any potential health risks and exposure to viruses. Other than COVID-19, the viruses from many endemic and pandemics, including tuberculosis, chicken pox and even monkeypox, involve the spread of viruses through respiratory droplet transmission. This means that we are at high risk of transmission as the viruses can spread through the air and even on surfaces where these droplets land. For instance, places with high touchpoints including door handles, lift buttons, ATMs, tables and chairs.

Therefore, it is crucial to engage a professional sanitisation and disinfection service to eliminate the viruses and bacteria on your property. Bingo Pest is ready to protect you against these invisible dangers. Call us at 6517 9989 to schedule a disinfection treatment today.

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Don't let viruses affect your daily activities. Receive urgent and same-day treatment for your disinfection needs. Contact us to schedule a professional disinfection treatment today.

  • How often should we disinfect a place?
    Regular cleaning helps to reduce pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi on commonly-shared surfaces. This helps to reduce the risk of transmission from surfaces including keyboards, door knobs and switches. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out cleaning daily to get rid of contaminants that may land on the surfaces. Besides cleaning, you may consider a professional sanitisation and disinfection misting treatment to thoroughly cleanse your property. This may be done as one-off service or regularly based on your needs.
  • How do i disinfect a house with COVID-19 exposure?
    Household bleach and alcohol (70% to 90%) can be used for surface disinfection. You should first wipe down the surfaces with water and detergent to remove any traces of dirt before carrying out the disinfection. In addition to surface disinfection, a professionally-conducted disinfection misting service can help to get rid of viruses lingering in the air. This treatment is suitable to be carried out not only for residential homes but also ideal for businesses with COVID-19 exposure.
  • What is the price of a professional disinfection service?
    The cost of disinfection services may vary depending on several factors such as the scope of work, size of your property and frequency of treatment. It may also cost more to disinfect premises with confirmed COVID-19 cases as there are more prerequisites to the service including the need to don full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to carry out the service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disinfection and Sanitisation

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Professional disinfection gets rid of viruses
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