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Get rid of houseflies and fruit flies

Fly Control

Fly Control in Singapore

You’ve probably encountered flies buzzing around annoyingly, especially in places associated with food or waste. Flies are a common pest in events including gatherings, picnics and even when dining indoors. They are often seen flying around food, landing on plates and hovering around garbage.

Flies are associated with the spreading of diseases due to their eating and breeding habits. They feed on almost everything including fruits, vegetables, rotting meat, plant secretion and even faeces. That is why they are notorious for contaminating food and transmitting a wide range of diseases including E. coli and Salmonella. The presence of flies can pose serious health risks and impact businesses negatively. It is vital to get rid of flies, especially in food-handling businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, hotels, cafes and supermarkets.

Precaution is always better than cure. The best way to keep flies away is to prevent an infestation from happening. Contact the fly control expert at Bingo Pest by calling 6517 9989 to schedule a visual inspection today.

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Signs of a Fly Infestation

Signs of a fly infestation

As with other pest infestations, the most common sign of a fly infestation includes the regular sighting of flies within your property. They may be seen near food, bins or unsanitary places including washrooms. Also, maggots are the larvae stage before turning into adult flies. Finding maggots in your residential or commercial property may also indicate a potential breeding ground for flies.

A professional fly control programme is essential to keep flies away. Contact us at 6517 9989 to discuss your requirements today.

Fly Control Solutions

Different types of fly control treatment methods will be utilised based on factors such as level of infestation, areas of infestation and types of flys infesting your property. These treatment methods may be used in combination to eradicate the fly infestation:

Residual Spraying

Helps get rid of physical flies in locations including floor traps, sides of the wall, skirting and along the edges of the flooring.


This treatment is especially useful in removing flies from areas where residual spraying cannot reach. These include the ceiling, walls and flies in the air.

Foaming Treatment

Thick foam expands and penetrates hard-to-reach spots including cracks and crevices and under equipment to remove the presence of a fly infestation and their breeding grounds.

Fly Trap

This fly control method works by luring, trapping and eliminating the presence of flies as they stick to it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fly Control

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