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Termite Control: Treatment, Price and Choosing the Right Solution

Termite control treatment and price

Understanding the different types of termite control treatments can help you decide on the best solution for your problem. Even though they all belong to the termite pest family, drywood termites, subterranean termites and garden termites require different treatments altogether. Choosing the right pest control company and the best method to target the different the various termite species play an important role in eliminating the infestation quickly.

In this article, Bingo Pest Control shares the types of anti-termite solutions available in the market and helps you in selecting the perfect treatment that suits your budget and requirements.

Get rid of termites on my own

DIY and Home Remedies to Get Rid of Termites

The cheapest and easiest way to remove termites from your property often involves DIY or home remedies where most items are easily and readily available. Here are some common and popular quick fixes that include the use of household products:

  • Borax: This DIY treatment involves the sprinkling of borax powder or spraying the solution combined with water along places where termites are found. It is rumoured to be able to dehydrate termites.

  • Orange Oil: D-limonene, the active ingredient found in orange oil, is believed to be able to kill termites and destroy their eggs.

  • White Vinegar: Being acidic and corrosive in nature, vinegar is probably the most favoured product to use to eliminate termites and other household pests.

While these solutions are inexpensive and can cost below $10, do these natural ways actually work in killing termites? Besides being untrained to tackle termite issues, sad to say, these solutions are actually not scientifically proven to get rid of termites. Most of them have a relatively short residual effect, which risks termites migrating to another location or a re-infestation, where further damage can be done to the structure of your property and lead to serious safety problems.

Professional Anti-Termite Solutions

Termite control plans offered by professional pest control companies in Singapore often include using liquid or powder termiticide, as well as baits to get rid of termites. At Bingo Pest, the first step to termite control begins with a thorough inspection to identify the species and areas of infestation before we recommend the best termite solution to deal with the problem.

It is also important to know the habits, lifecycle, behaviour and biology of termites in order to carry out treatments that are able to target the root source of the infestation. The colony of subterranean termites lives underground and that of drywood termites’ are often found deep in the termite galleries. From an experienced pest controller’s point of view, any treatment is ineffective unless it can target the termite colony or nest. Therefore, we do not recommend homeowners to conduct termite control on their own. Instead, consult with a professional termite control expert to seek advice and understand more about the solutions available to resolve a termite issue.

Anti-termite solutions in Singapore

Termite Detection and Inspection Plan

A visual inspection might only be unable to detect physical termites visible to the eyes. However, it is also important to locate any termite activities within the building structures such as doors, door frames and walls.

At Bingo Pest, we adopt the use of a thermal imaging device to pick up heat sensors and accurately identify any presence of termites. This programme is suitable for homeowners or renters in the below scenarios:

  • Confirm the suspicion of a termite infestation

  • Require a thorough inspection of the property before or after renovation

  • Get peace of mind before moving into the property, especially for older homes

Price indicator: $

Pre-construction Termite Prevention Programme

Commonly known as a soil treatment, this solution involves the spraying of a liquid termiticide on the soil before the construction of a building commences. It is carried out before laying the concrete slabs to build and form a protective barrier to prevent the property against termite infestation. With a 5, 7 or 10-year warranty after the treatment, this programme offers long-term termite prevention and peace of mind to owners who are planning to build or rebuild their property.

Price indicator: $$$$

Corrective Treatment for Landed Homes and Commercial Properties

This programme requires drilling and injecting liquid termiticide into the perimeter of the property to create a protective zone against termites. After which, the holes will then patched up. Besides being able to prevent a termite infestation for a long period of time, this anti-termite programme also eliminates any existing signs of termites.

Depending on the type of liquid termiticide used, they can work differently to get rid of termites who enter the treated zone:

  • Termites become disorientated and they stop tunnelling, feeding and grooming. As these happen, they are infected by soil fungi in nature, resulting in their death. Meanwhile, an infected termite can also bring back and transfer the termiticide to unexposed termites through social interactions, hence resulting in the eradication of the termite colony over time.

  • Halts termite feed by paralysing their jaw muscles. Termites can also pass the solution to other termites in the colony and create a domino effect to eliminate the infestation.

A 5, 7 or 10-year warranty offers long-term protection to the property. This programme is highly recommended for landed homeowners and business owners who are looking for a lasting anti-termite treatment for their property.

Price indicator: $$$$

Corrective Treatment for Apartments

This treatment works similarly to the treatment for landed homes where drilling will be carried out by our team of termite specialists along the skirtings and built-in wooden items. Besides treating ready homes, this programme is also encouraged for houses undergoing renovation. Spraying the termiticide on carpentry items before installation can aid in preventing and getting rid of termites. A 3-year warranty is issued upon completion of the treatment.

Price indicator: $$$$

Termite Baiting Programme

There are 2 types of baiting – in-ground and above-ground.

In-ground baiting treatments are recommended for landscape areas as monitoring efforts for any termite activities. The stations include a monitoring device inserted into the soil or planter box to observe any signs of termites. When active termites are found, a termite bait will be used in place of the monitoring device in the station. This allows the termite to ingest the bait and bringing back to the termite colony. Once termite activities have ceased, a new monitoring device will be replaced for further observation.

On the other hand, above-ground baiting stations act as alternate food sources for the termites to feed on. These stations are installed in places where signs of termites have been noticed. This treatment encourages the termites to bring back the bait and share the active ingredients with their colony to create a domino effect in eliminating the termites.

Price indicator: $$

Termite control price

Termite Control Price

The price for a termite control treatment can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the type of treatment. Other factors affecting the cost of termite control include:

  • The severity of the termite issue

  • Size of the property

  • Type of property

  • Number of areas infected

  • Method of treatment used

  • Warranty coverage against termite recurrences

To accurately determine the termite treatment fee, schedule a site inspection with a specialist. You can also share your budget and requirements with them to customise the best and most effective termite control programme that best suits your needs.

Choosing the Best Termite Control and Prevention Specialist in Singapore

A reliable termite control specialist should be able to offer you genuine advice and an accurate detection of the problem. These pest control experts are able to use a combination of innovative methods to make sure that termites are fully eradicated from your property.

You do not have to face killing termites alone. Our trained and knowledgeable team is always around to protect your property against termites and other pests. Contact us today to discuss your termite control needs. Call 6517 9989 or submit your termite enquiry today.


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