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Booklice Control

Booklice Control in Singapore

Have you ever encountered minuscule black dots on the wall thinking they are dirt only for them to start moving? These are common types of pests called booklice (or bark lice) frequently found in homes or offices. Unlike what their name suggests, booklice do not feed on paper or books. Booklice are attracted to and thrive in environments with high moisture. They may be found in places with mildew, mould and fungi as these are their primary sources of food.

As with any pest infestations, a booklice infestation may cause distress and anguish. The professional team at Bingo Pest can eradicate booklice on your property. Not only does our booklice control treatment aim to get rid of booklice in your home or office, but we are also ready to provide you with advice to prevent booklice from recurring. Call us at 6517 9989 to discuss your requirements with us.

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Get Rid of Booklice in Your Property

A booklice infestation can cause annoyance and trigger allergies. Take immediate actions to eliminate booklice today. Contact us to schedule a FREE booklice inspection.

Booklice require moisture to survive. Areas with high humidity are potential breeding grounds for booklice. It might be difficult to spot a booklice infestation, but here are some telltale signs that you should look out for:

  • Tiny black dots moving on the wall

  • Presence of mildew, mould and fungi

  • Sticky eggs laid alone or in a cluster

Speak to a professional pest control specialist from Bingo Pest to understand more about the booklice pest control treatment we offer. Call us at 6517 9989 for a consultation now.

Signs of a Booklice Infestation

Booklice Control Solution

To eliminate the presence of booklice, two water-based mistings will be conducted weekly by our professional pest control specialist over 2 weeks. For peace of mind, we recommend performing the treatment monthly to prolong the longevity of the booklice control and preventive treatment.

How to Get Rid of Booklice?

Frequent sighting of booklice at home can be frustrating. Find out how you can get rid of booklice easily in 5 steps.

How to get rid of booklice?

Frequently Asked Questions About Booklice Control

Control a Booklice Infestation Now

Contact Bingo Pest to schedule for a complimentary site inspection to identify potential booklice breeding sites today.

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