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Pest control services in Singapore

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services in Singapore

A pest infestation can bring about serious health and safety threats to your family, employees and customers. Bingo Pest, the integrated pest management specialist, is committed to resolving your pest concerns and keeping pests away from your residential or commercial property.

With vast experience in pest control services and treatments, we provide solutions that are tailored to your needs. We have the technical expertise and a wide range of pest control services that targets any pest issues you have. We pride ourselves in identifying and eradicating pests by offering holistic and integrated pest management solutions to give you peace of mind.

Connect with Bingo Pest to find out how our professional and effective pest control services can keep your residential and commercial property pest-free.

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Common Pests in Singapore

Termite pest control


Mosquitoes pest control


Rodents pest control


Ant pest control


Lizards pest control


Cockroach pest control


Fly control in Singapore


Bed bugs control

Bed Bugs

Ticks and fleas control in Singapore

Ticks and Fleas

Best Pest Control Service Company in Singapore

Pests can affect homes and businesses. An integrated and complete pest control service can protect your family, employees and customers from health threats and diseases brought by pests.

At Bingo Pest, we understand that no environments are the same. That is why we specialise in offering pest control services that targets different sectors by conducting various pest treatments. Find out more about pest control for home and business properties.

Protect Your Home Against Pest Infestations

Learn about the common pests found at home, how Bingo Pest carries out pest control for homes and the price of home pest control.

Safeguard Businesses Against Pest Activities

Find out the common pest problems found in businesses including offices, restaurants, hotels, kitchens and more. 

  • How often should we disinfect a place?
    Regular cleaning helps to reduce pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi on commonly-shared surfaces. This helps to reduce the risk of transmission from surfaces including keyboards, door knobs and switches. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out cleaning daily to get rid of contaminants that may land on the surfaces. Besides cleaning, you may consider a professional sanitisation and disinfection misting treatment to thoroughly cleanse your property. This may be done as one-off service or regularly based on your needs.
  • How do i disinfect a house with COVID-19 exposure?
    Household bleach and alcohol (70% to 90%) can be used for surface disinfection. You should first wipe down the surfaces with water and detergent to remove any traces of dirt before carrying out the disinfection. In addition to surface disinfection, a professionally-conducted disinfection misting service can help to get rid of viruses lingering in the air. This treatment is suitable to be carried out not only for residential homes but also ideal for businesses with COVID-19 exposure.
  • What is the price of a professional disinfection service?
    The cost of disinfection services may vary depending on several factors such as the scope of work, size of your property and frequency of treatment. It may also cost more to disinfect premises with confirmed COVID-19 cases as there are more prerequisites to the service including the need to don full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to carry out the service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control Services

Useful Tips for Your Pest Control Needs

Get latest pest control trends and learn new tricks to manage a pest issue. 

Pest control price in Singapore

Price of a Pest Management Service in Singapore

Price is one of the main factors concerning home and business owners when selecting a pest control company. Essentially, the cost of pest control is largely dependent on several factors including the size of property, the level of difficulty to treat the pest infestation, etc. Furthermore, pest control prices in Singapore also varies for the different pest types.

With the rising cost of living, we understand the need to keep pest control services affordable. That is why we pride ourselves in offering effective yet affordable pest management services in Singapore. The price of our pest control service and treatment remains reasonable and competitive to help home-owners and business-owners save costs. Call us to get a quote today.

Why Choose Bingo Pest?

Experienced Team

Our experienced and NEA-certified pest control specialists have undergone intensive trainings and are equipped with expert skills to carry out any pest control service safely and effectively.

Fast Response Time

Pests cannot wait. That’s why we offer same-day pest control services. We have a team of pest control specialists all around Singapore to offer you services wherever you are.

Fast response pest control

Quality & Assurance

With close to 2 decades of experience in pest control, we offer and follow an effective approach to eradicate any pest and the sources of infestations with our wide rage or pest control services and treatments. 

Effective pest control solutions

Safe Treatments

We conduct pest control service and use only solutions and chemicals approved by the relevant government authorities and agencies. We also offer environmental-friendly pest control solutions.

Safe pest control

Customer Service

Available 24/7, We ensure that all your enquiries are attended to promptly and professionally. Contact us today to speak with our team of friendly customer support officers.

Customer service in pest control

Affordable Price

We make pest control service affordable. Our prices are reasonable, competitive and transparent without hard-selling.

Affordable pest control solutions
Experienced pest control company in Singapore

Effective & Reliable Pest Control Service

Protect your home and business property against a pest infestation. Learn how our pest control service has helped clients solved their pest issues.

dead cockroach on the table

Comprehensive Guide to Pest Control in Singapore

Learn all you need to know about pest control including tips to selecting the best pest control company.

10 Common Types of Pests Found in Houses

Discover the different pests found at home, the harm they bring and how home pest control services eliminate household pests.

Expert Tips to Achieve a Pest-Free Home

Learn simple, actionable and practical tips to prevent pest harbourage and infestation at home.

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