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Office pest control

Pest Control for Offices

Effective pest control in office environments is a critical aspect of maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive workplace. Pests can pose significant health risks to employees and visitors. Furthermore, they can cause damage to property, leading to costly repairs. By implementing comprehensive office pest control measures, businesses can ensure a clean and comfortable environment for all stakeholders. This also helps safeguard businesses against potential legal and financial liabilities.

Common Pests in Offices

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The Role of Office Pest Control

Most employees spend majority of their time in the office and their habits can significantly contribute to pest problems in an office environment. For instance, eating at desk or improper food storage can attract pests such as ants, cockroaches and rodents.


Controlling pests in the office can help reduce the spread of diseases, leading to lower absenteeism rates among employees. A clean and pest-free workplace contributes to employee comfort and morale. As a result, employees are likely to be more productive and satisfied in a healthy environment. 

Our Service Guarantee


We ensure that the pest control services conducted are fully compliant with your business requirements.


A thorough pest inspection will be conducted during every routine service to detect any potential pest infestations.


Our certified pest specialists will carry out treatments using NEA-approved solutions in a safe and efficient manner.


A report documenting the findings & recommendations will be sent upon completion of the service.

Why Choose Bingo Pest?

Experienced pest control company in Singapore

Experienced Team

Our experienced and NEA-certified pest specialists are equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out pest control treatments safely and effectively.

Fast Response Time

Pests cannot wait. That’s why we offer same-day pest control treatments. Our pest services are available islandwide in Singapore!

Fast response pest control

Quality & Assurance

With over 10 years of experience, we offer and follow an effective pest management approach to eradicate pests and the sources of infestations.

Effective pest control solutions

Safe Treatments

We conduct pest control and use only solutions and chemicals approved by the relevant government authorities and agencies.

Safe pest control

Customer Service

Available 24/7, we ensure that all your enquiries are attended to promptly and professionally. 

Customer service in pest control

Affordable Price

We make pest control affordable. Our prices are reasonable, competitive and transparent without hard-selling.

Affordable pest control solutions

Best Pest Control 2024

We are humbled to be voted as one of the best pest control companies in the Expat Living Reader's Choice Awards 2024. Learn more about the award here and discover why our clients are choosing us as their preferred partner in pest control.

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